Nutraceutical Manufacturing: What They Are

Understanding the technical jargon that is used by some nutraceutical manufacturing company can often be quite difficult for a lay person, however, this doesn’t mean that intrinsically they are hard to understand. The food supplement industry alongside other forms of similar products are collectively known in the industry as the nutraceutical sciences, the etymology of which stems from two base words in the English language; nutrient and pharmaceutical.

Nutraceutical Manufacturing Importance

Nutraceutical sciences are primarily concerned with what is often billed as a ‘gray’ area in international regulatory circles. This area of industry creates food supplements and anything that is taken as food to contribute to a person’s diet, but which has been scientifically prepared to provide specific benefits based on laboratory research.

For example, cod liver oil has known benefits for persons who are lacking in Vitamin A and Vitamin D, whilst providing excellent levels of omega -3 fatty acids. Whilst these are all compounds that can be found in everyday foods, they are included in one product (cod liver oil) that is either concentrated and packaged in easily digestible form by nutraceutical manufacturing. This means that the person taking the product will achieve a high concentration dose of the essential compounds that could help them with their condition.

nutraceutical manufacturing

Nutraceutical Manufacturing produce Nutraceuticals Foods

Nutraceuticals are foods which are nutritious, containing important nutrients, and have solid medical benefits. This is a very fast-growing sector and there are a lot of forces behind it. Of course, the idea sounds completely reasonable, and therefore first world countries are considering more fortified foods.

Indeed, if you think about it, it is really nothing new, as we’ve had fortified milk in this country with vitamin D for over five decades. And milk is not the only food which is fortified with vitamins, supplements, or even medicines.

And yet, even if you were that large of a company, then it still makes sense to consider outsourcing your nutraceutical lines and contacting a nutraceutical manufacturing company that can help you with all this. In other words, you need to be able to hire a nutraceutical manufacturing company which has its own laboratories and specializes in this sector. After all, perhaps your company makes power drinks, drink mixes, cereals, food bars, or other products – you realize that your best customers and brand loyalists often want something more. They are concerned about their health and the health of their families.

Fortified foods

They are looking for fortified foods, and vitamin supplements and they want to have these all combined into a single product. If you don’t give the customer what they want, they will be buying from your competition who delivers that desire and/or need to the consumer. Now then, obviously it takes an intense amount of capital to put together laboratories, and a manufacturing facility to specialize in these things. However, if you can find such a nutraceutical manufacturing company that you can outsource to which is already fully set up, then you have the best of all worlds.

Find a Compliant with the FDA Nutraceutical Manufacturing Company

If so, your product development time to extend your brand, and product lines are reduced from 18 months to two years down to a mere two weeks or a month. This is the power of outsourcing. But if you are looking for a company to outsource your nutraceutical products to, then you must make sure that they are compliant with the FDA and cGMP. Further, it’s very important that they are using the proper best management practices in the nutraceutical manufacturing industry.

Also, realize that the laws are changing rapidly, and you need a nutraceutical manufacturing company which is compliant in all regards. This will help you in regards to assuring that your products are of the highest quality.